Greg has been involved in taxidermy since 1980 and has been
a private contract taxidermist almost from the beginning of his
involvement in this art.  He is committed to detail and bringing
the art piece or mount to look as if it were alive. He enjoys
creating the habitat scene's for the mounts almost as much as
the mount itself. And has created private showrooms much
like you see in some famous outfitter stores with the same

His work has taken him to northern California, where the
current world record holder (fishing class) record, Joey
Pallotta caught and had mounted his 468 lb, 9 1/2 ft.
sturgeon.  Joey needed the work repaired, and liked what he
saw in Greg's work so he had the fish repaired and again was
so amazed, that he had a reproduction made and a copy was
sold to Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum in San Francisco.
He has also created arapaima fish displays used in the
Smithsonian's institute zoo's education department after two
of their fish died.

Greg has entered competitions and has placed in Northern
California and Utah.  However, he has chosen to make central
Utah his home.

Greg is a full service taxidermist and does all his work on site
including tanning skins. He is not satisfied with just pickling
skins or using instant preserve. He wants his mounts to last
lifetimes to come. So there is no shipping out hides to others
to be put in line. He also makes his own fish blanks on site as
well. This way he can maintain a more natural fish
reproduction, thus not looking like an average run of the mill
mount. Antler casting and horn casting reproduction can also
be done in his shop.
First attempt at my fish reproductions