Fleshing Made Cheap and Easy!
For the taxidermist, or hobbyist or any one
who wants to tan their own hides, capes
or leather. (Saved me a ton of money and
This video takes you from the salted
green hide to the finished product ready
for mounting, rug making or leather work.
We explain every step using a cheep and
readily available tool you can buy from
your local hardware store. We take a
cougar hide, mule deer cape, and elk
cape from raw salted to tanned and ready
to mount.
More work is put into the skinning and
salting of the hide, than it takes to flesh it
using this method I have used for years.
Great for competition work, you get a
smooth finish and can shave even the
face and other thin skinned areas with the
same results.
Now I am letting "the cat out of the bag"
so you can keep the cash flow to yourself
and get your work done quickly.
Please be advised the audio quality of this
DVD at present is poor, so text has been
added for clear instruction. I will be
upgrading the quality, but regardless the
information in this DVD is well worth every